Shako Liu

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I am currently a Professional journalist or technologist working in media


Job Title:
Multimedia Producer


I am a award-winning multimedia producer. My works have appeared on the Atlantic, OWN, MSNBC, POV, Nowthis News and more. I specified in interactive visual storytelling and visualize trending stories. I have generated about 7 million Facebook views for Nowthis News. I do all forms of video stories, long or shot, including filmmaking. One woman production is my niche. Want to do great video stories? You got me.

Asian American Journalists Association

Areas of expertise:
Basic HTML/CSS, Experience building interactive charts and graphics, Web production experience, Social media branding – Newsroom / organization level, Social media branding – Individual, Mobile Video (shooting), Mobile Video (shooting, editing, publishing), Still photography, Beat reporter

Speaking Experience
No, but I am interested in being invited to speak at events

City / Location Preferences:

New York, DC, Los Angeles

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