Qin Chen

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I am currently a Professional journalist or technologist working in media

San Jose Mercury News

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Multimedia Designer


Qin Chen is a visual journalist and multimedia designer at the San Jose Mercury News. She designs and creates motion graphics and interactive graphics for online multimedia reporting packages. 

She worked as a video intern for the original video content department at CNN before coming to Mercury News. Her passion for journalistic documentary storytelling has giving her opportunities to film projects including: discrimination against Roma ethnic group in Hungary; empty promises of economy freedom and poverty after 20 years of the end of apartheid in township in South Africa. 

She was born and grew up in Shanghai. She studied political science in Sichuan University before going to University of Miami for Multimedia Journalism and married her soul with visual storytelling.

She spent her days between designing characters and objects, and learning different cultures and groups through conversations and lenses.

Asian American Journalists Association

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Front-end coding, Basic HTML/CSS, Experience building interactive charts and graphics, Mobile Video (shooting), Mobile Video (shooting, editing, publishing), Still photography

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Any cities would apply.

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