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I am currently a Professional journalist or technologist working in media, Professional academic, teaching journalism

NPR/UNITY/Georgetown University

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Consultant/Project Manager


I’ve spent a lot of time re-thinking workplace, recruitment, hiring and staffing as well as intentionally standing in the intersections between work and people. It’s a new day and I think we’re deep into the era of the collaborative work-space.. That means new people are required who already think a bit differently about how to get something done.

Often, the most successful companies (media or not) have a legion of people who can effectively tell a story, whether it be their own or someone else’s. Also, the new people are not strictly within a (younger) demographic, but simply those who use sharing first as their participation and communication.

The future of media (unlike now) has people from communities who were once isolated (or who isolated themselves) through entrenched silos. These consumers are now actively engaged, barriers to entry are almost gone and growth (not just surviving) will happen by talking horizontally, not vertically.

So, what’s your next big thing? Let’s connect some dots….

Asian American Journalists Association, National Association of Black Journalists, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Native American Journalists Association, Other Online News Association, RTDNA, Association of Independents in Media (AIR), Digital Diversity Network

Current Leadership Positions:

RTDNA Ex-Officio Board Member. Visiting Committee West Virginia College of Media,

Areas of expertise:
Social media branding – Individual, Other
Other areas of expertise:

Journalism and Interactive Media, Radio, Project Management, Leadership Development, Talent Recruitment, Coaching and Mentoring, Professional Relationship Development.

Speaking Experience
Yes, have led sessions individually, Yes, have spoken on panels, Yes, have taught skills-based or hands-on training sessions (at events), Yes, have taught skills-based or hands-on training sessions (in newsroom)

Past Speaking Experience:

I have. There are too many to list. Generally, I speak on how to use today’s FREE digital tools and using interpersonal skills in “Finding, Training and Keeping” employees. Also, I lead hands-on multimedia training for students and working professionals interested in public media as well as co-direct a startup camp for media professionals of color looking to launch their own company.

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No preference

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