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Background: during the #mediadiversity Twitter chat last week, a few people kept pointing to the issue of hearing "we can't find qualified minorities." This is intended to be the seed of a public list to be shared throughout journalism conference organizers to solve that problem -- at least in finding more diverse journalists (of all colors!) who are doing cool and innovative web journalism things. The list is still a work in progress. A small, core group are working to keep the list up to date, and trying to get it a bit more organized. It may end up moving to a new home. In the mean time, please send your best nominations (including yourself) with the appropriate details. Who makes the list? For now, there are no formal criteria. The people we've nominated and added to the list are all ones we could say, "Yeah, I'd attend a panel he/she was speaking on." --Emma

See the Google doc here: http://bit.ly/eJiONZ

Folks involved (contact any of us with your additions to the list)
Emma Carew // @emmacarew Doug Mitchell // @nextgenradio Juana Summers // @jmsummers Robert Hernandez // @webjournalist Michelle Johnson // @mijohn Benet Wilson // @nabjdigital Sharon Chan // @sharonpianchan