Tory Hargro

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Design manager


✪ Award-winning product designer. Everyday my goal is to turn what users want and stakeholders need into captivating digital experiences.

✪ 10+ years experience in product design, interactive art direction, user experience strategy, and design leadership.

✪ What I’m known for: Looking at old problems in new ways, asking the right questions and working collaboratively to produce imaginative yet executable solutions with solid design standards.

✪ What I’m passionate about: Storytelling, UX design, user-centered design, visual design, rapid prototyping, wireframing, mockups, user flows, and applying usability tests and analytics to create the best overall user experience.

✪ My Values: To make a positive impact on the design teams I lead and the lives I come into contact with.

National Association of Black Journalists

Areas of expertise:
Basic HTML/CSS, Experience building interactive news applications, Other
Other areas of expertise:

Product Design

Speaking Experience
Yes, I have been a keynote speaker for an event, Yes, have spoken on panels

Past Speaking Experience:

2014 Data Visualization Summit, Boston Mass.

City / Location Preferences:

San Francisco, New York

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