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I am currently a Professional journalist or technologist working in media

Reveal, The Center for Investigative Reporting

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Digital Editor + Multimedia Producer


Julia B. Chan is the digital editor and a multimedia producer at Reveal and The Center for Investigative Reporting. Her job combines reporting with technology, web and audio production. Julia develops and oversees projects that shape how news stories and investigations are published across platforms.

Previously, she helped CIR launch YouTube’s first investigative news channel, The I Files, and led engagement strategies – online and off – for multimedia projects. She worked to better connect CIR’s work to a bigger audience, and developed creative content and collaborations to garner conversation and impact.

Before joining CIR, Julia worked as a Web editor and reporter at the San Francisco Examiner. She managed the paper’s digital strategy and orchestrated its first foray into social media and online engagement. A rare SF native, Julia studied broadcasting at San Francisco State University, focusing on audio production and recording.

For fun, every Friday, Julia hosts a live radio show all about music, with her best friends.

Asian American Journalists Association

Areas of expertise:
Basic HTML/CSS, Experience building interactive charts and graphics, Web production experience, Social media branding – Newsroom / organization level, Social media branding – Individual, Social media branding – Sub-branded accounts (such as a Politics Blog or Regional Channel), Still photography, Beat reporter, Other
Other areas of expertise:

Creative processes for newsrooms, Digital strategy, Effective editorial workflows

Speaking Experience
Yes, have led sessions individually, Yes, have spoken on panels, Yes, have taught skills-based or hands-on training sessions (at events), Yes, have taught skills-based or hands-on training sessions (in newsroom)

Past Speaking Experience:

Oct. 2016 – London, England
“Get on board: Story- and mood boarding your stories”

NorCal 2016 conference (Journalism Association of Community Colleges)
Oct. 2016 – Pittsburg, California
“Making Moves: What Investigative Journalism Across Platforms Looks Like”

ONA16 (Online News Association)
Sept. 2016 – Denver, Colorado
“Story, Platform and Design: Digital Journalism Insights”

AAJA’s National Convention (Asian American Journalists Association)
Aug. 2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada
“Graphics on the Go: How Small Teams Can Create Shareable Dataviz”

BAVC’s Bridges Fellowship Program
July 2016 – San Francisco, California
Social Media Workshop

2016 CAR conference (aka NICAR16)
March 2016 – Denver, Colorado
“Jobs and Career Straight-Talk: For (and By) Young’uns”

ONA15 (Online News Association)
2015 – Los Angeles, California
Panel: Interactive Graphics for the Newsroom Couch Potato
There’s growing pressure in newsrooms to create interactive graphics and projects for stories on deadline, but many newsrooms don’t have the resources to build custom features. Often, reporters will opt for plug-and-play tools that don’t offer much flexibility. In this session, we flexed those digital abs and looked at the middle ground between large custom graphics and out-the-box solutions. Some topics we explored: documenting the design and build process; thinking about tool reusability early on; resources to steal code and design from.

TechRaking Toronto: Digging the News
2014 – Toronto, Canada
Two-day conference looked at data as a tool for great journalism. Led conversations about roadblocks and challenges newsrooms face in gathering and using data, and how some journalists are addressing these issues.

TechRaking Four: Hearing the News
2013 – San Francisco
At this conference, I led sessions exploring the advancements digital audio has made online and asked, “how do we harness the power of digital audio for news?” The Center for Investigative Reporting teamed up with SoundCloud and devoted the day to delving deep into the theme of “Hearing the News.”

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I’m ready for the world..

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