About this project

“We can’t find qualified minorities.”

Each of us has heard this time and time again: when we ask our bosses whether they interviewed any women or people of color for that opening they just hired, when we challenge conference planners who set panel after panel of monochromatic talking heads.

In 2011, we pulled together a list of more than 130 digital journalists of color who were both qualified, awesome, and easily findable. Now, in 2014 we’re giving the project a new life and making it a more robust resource for job seekers, hiring managers and conference planners.

Who makes the list? People of color, committing acts of journalism, and pushing the craft forward in the digital age. It’s a broad umbrella, meant to cover storytellers who truly “get” digital-first and multi-platform journalism, coders and developers, data journalists, UX folks and designers, content strategists, professors who are molding the next generation and more.

Are you above averagely awesome? Do you have something to say on panels and teach at workshops? Would you make an excellent contribution to a newsroom with a job opening? If so, we probably want you in this community.

Are you interested in diversifying your newsroom or making sure your event is calling on a diverse group of experts? We hope you’ll find the journalists you’re looking for here. And of course, we’d love your feedback.

Behind this project are:
Emma Carew, Sharon Chan, Robert Hernandez, Michelle Johnson, Doug Mitchell, Juana Summers, Benet Wilson

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